The Honourable Association of Tea Duellists


The Honourable Association of Tea Duellists is the originator of this fine sport  is the Official World Governing Body.   


The Association exists to promote, facilitate and regulate the sport to ensure it is participated in with the correct sense of fun and enjoyment.

Tea duelling may be engaged in to settle a dispute or challenge or as a sporting pursuit.  It is a fun sport designed to be enjoyable and entertaining and all participants are strongly urged to remember this at all times.



Tea Duelling is a concept created and developed by Geof Banyard (aka Doctor Geof) and John Naylor (aka Tinker). The creators exert all rights to the concept, titles, imagery and rules.   It is a fun concept and we are happy for people to promote and run competitions etc as long as this is done free of charge other than with the express permission in advance of the creators.  Anyone who chooses to run tea duelling matches, publish material etc for reward without advance consent agrees to donate all profits and a minimum additional donation of £500 (USD 750) to the charity of the creators' choice.