The Honourable Association of Tea Duellists

There are two basic types of contest - the Matter of Honour  and the Competition.

Matters of Honour.   From time to time well mannered steampunks may find a point so contentious as to require a method to settle the argument.  In this way a Tea Duel meets the demands of the more violent forms of duelling.

A duel should be launched as a challenge by one party to the other.  The challenged party has the priveledge to choose the time and location and is responsible for appointing a Tiffin Master   The seconds of the two parties should meet to confirm arrangements and the challenger should approve the Tiffin Master.   The Tiffin Master has the right to appoint a Pot Master at his/her own behest.

Only a single round of dunking is ever carried out in a Matter of Honour.  If the Tiffin Master announces a bagging penalty the offender automatically forfeits.  Whatever the outcome honour is seen to be served.

For competitions please see the page "run a competition".